Does Rhinoplasty Cosmetic Surgery Affect Voice

Rhinoplasty can not only help refine your appearance, it also has other benefits, such as improving breathing, fixing structural abnormalities, opening narrow nasal passages, and correcting birth defects. However, many people considering surgery, either for aesthetic or reconstructive reasons, worry that the surgery will negatively affect their voice. The good news is that in the vast majority of nasal surgeries including procedures at Rhinoplasty Houston, there should be no changes in vocal tone. Though there is a chance of a subtle difference in voice quality or resonance, which can only detectable by a trained ear, and should only be of concern to professional singers or actors. To understand why, it is important to know how the vocal chords work.

Our vocal chords, located in the neck behind the Adam’s apple, do not produce any sound on their own. Instead, the tone of our voice is actually produced via the structures, or resonators, above the vocal chords: the mouth, throat, nose, sinuses, and nasopharynx (the hollows behind the nose). As air passes through the nose and sinus passages, it creates the resonance that adds richness and color to our voice.

nose job surgery

In the case of a septoplasty, a procedure to correct a deviated septum, there should be no negative changes to the voice. In fact, because this type of surgery can be helpful in clearing blocked or stuffed sinuses, voice quality may actually improve. In the case of hyponasality, where not enough air is passing through the nasal passage, patients may experience more clarity in their voice. Those who experience hypernasality, on the other hand, have too much air passing through the nose when talking. Though it is a resonance disorder, as with hyponasality, it is generally corrected with surgeries to the palate or the pharynx, and not the nose.

If seeking rhinoplasty cosmetic surgeons with credentials, no difference in voice should be experienced unless there has been a major change in nasal bone position or a large volume reduction. There is one other case in which a subtle change in voice will follow a nose job, and that is if an intubation has been done (insertion of a breathing tube on top of the vocal chords).

To conclude, those seeking rhinoplasty surgery will not need to worry that their voice will be significantly affected. There is a small chance of a very subtle change or even improvement in voice quality and tone, but this will in no way hamper speech function, and should only be of concern to those who sing professionally. If you’re still unsure what to expect after your procedure, speak with your plastic surgeon. He or she will be able to assess your case on an individual basis, and will be able to tell you what changes, if any, you can expect after your nose job. If you sing or act professionally, or otherwise depend on your voice for your career, it is important to visit a plastic surgeon who is highly qualified and has many years of experience. It is the best way to ensure maximum results, and minimum risk, from your surgery.

Surgeon vs Doctor

The medical profession is one of the most diverse professions in the world. There are specialties and subspecialties with each having its set of roles and responsibilities. However, they are not stand-alone specialties, as they frequently need to liaise with each other to offer more holistic health care services. Here is a list of different types of doctors and their responsibilities.

These professionals are commonly referred to as General Practitioners (GPs). They are medical practitioners charged with the responsibilities of treating acute as well as chronic illnesses and provide health education and preventive care to patients. They take the holistic approach to health; they are able to treat a wide variety of patients and can practice on multiple areas of the body.

ER doctors and trauma surgeons are tasked with treatment of acute physical injuries usually associated with accidents. ER or emergency medical specialists also treat patients brought into emergency (casualty) rooms with acute and life threatening conditions such as stroke and heart attack. ER doctors also prescribe and administer medications. Trauma surgeons on the other hand specifically deals with emergency surgery but work side by side with ERs.


A surgeon is a specialist in a branch of medicine called surgery. Surgeons have skills that enable them to use invasive medical treatment that involves cutting the human body for specific reason such as repairing a tear or breakage or removal of diseased tissue. There are numerous subspecialties under surgery such as dental surgeon (tooth), orthopedic surgeon (bones), neurosurgeon (brain and spinal cord) and cardiothoracic surgeon (heart and chest) among others.

There are many other types of doctors including as cosmetic surgeons, laboratory medicine, oncologists, urologists, gastroenterologists and dermatologist. In fact, there are subspecialties for each organ of the body. It would take forever to discuss each of these specialties.

Cosmetic Breast Augmentation Review

Welcome to our blog. As the title suggests, we will be covering different type of plastic surgery procedures. The first on our list is breast augmentation. This is a type of cosmetic surgery done to increase the fullness and enhance symmetry of the chest. It is done to make small breasts larger, restore the volume after losing weight, breast feeding or pregnancy and reconstruct after injury or mastectomy. For breast augmentation surgery ladies should understand they have an option of either choosing silicon or saline implants.

Saline implants- these are normally filled with salt water that is sterile. Depending on the size you are looking for, they can be filled with different amounts of saline which affects the firmness, shape and feel of the breasts. If the implant shells accidentally leaks the saline implant will collapse and the body will absorb the saline that has been expelled by the body naturally.

Silicone implants- these are normally filled with elastic gel. The gel moves and feels like natural breast tissue. If the implant happens to leak, the gel normally remains in the implant shell or it could also escape to the breast implant pocket.

It is also important to note that there are different types of variations associated with breast augmentation which include inframmary, periareolar and transaxillary as explained below:

breast augmentation

Transaxilliary- the incision for this is done between the folds of the armpits. This ensures that they are well hidden and not easily visible. This needs to be done by an expert surgeon who will put the incision away from the breast. An endoscope is normally used to make the insertion easier. Here the implant can be placed behind the muscle, under or over it. One of the downsides to this is the fact that if you may need to undergo another surgery this cannot be used as an incision point.

Periareolar- this is one of the most popular incisions that ladies go through when getting breast implants as it is made around the nipple. This way it becomes hardly noticeable. The procedure allows the surgeon to place the implant under the glandular tissue or even under the muscles. If you needed to go in for another procedure, the incision site can be used without a problem. Implant is normally rolled into a sleeve to prevent infection before it can be inserted and then removed as soon as the implant is in place.

Inframmary- the incision for breast augmentation is done at the point where the chest and breast meet. This allows surgeons to place the implant in any of the three locations that they feel is most appropriate i.e. complete or partial submuscular and subglandular. This is one of the easiest procedures that surgeries go through as he gets a better view of the breast when they are working.

It is important to be honest with your surgeon about the expectations you have so that you can choose the ideal breast implants that will give you desired results. It also helps to make sure that you are working with a professional surgeon who will take you through the entire process with expertise and professionalism that will ensure you get great results at the end of it all.